About us

Your dog our priority

How we started:

For over 20 years we have had dogs, in particular, “High drive or stubborn breeds” (if there is such a thing!)

Labradors, Retrievers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and finally settling with our beautiful Bull Terrier. Which we love dearly. We also have had experience with (obedience) working with Jack Russell’s, Rottweilers, German shepherds. And over the years taking part in some competitions and & other dog related events. Any dog we personally have is sociable, obedient & happy!

Being busy working professionals and as a consequence, having used some other DDC facilities. We were underwhelmed with what was available to our dogs at the time and never felt like we were more than just a customer. Or felt discriminated against because of the breeds we had ourselves had. (Stafford’s)

So in 2019 we finally decided to bite the bullet and start the process to provide a place that was more than just average. A place full of excitement, warmth, where any dog was welcome & had great facilities but In a home-based environment. And so began the Bathminster’s Doggy Day Boarding Concept!

“Come & Be Part Of The Bathminster Family”

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Call us now to book your Pooches 1 hr taster session at our home.

01562 914 093

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We provide an indoor and outdoor space full of enjoyment and interest, a place where your dog is valued and genuinely cared for.

With daily free runs (Totally Secure 1.9 acre field), at home activities to engage in, & fun & interesting equipment & toys to mess with, we will keep them occupied all day long. Our aim is to provide that home from home plus more for your dog and most importantly, peace of mind for you.

Council approved, fully licenced & most importantly, insured, we are responsible, dedicated & passionate about what we do.

We just love dogs, (probably more than people!)