Doggy Day Boarding

Love, Affection, Safety & security

Day Time Boarding

Do not want to leave your dog at home alone for extended periods of time throughout your busy day. Or you would like a safe space for your beloved dog to play, learn & socialise with other fur-balls?!

Bathminster’s “Doggy Day Boarding” provides a HOME from HOME with added extras for your beloved furry family member. Our Priority is providing safety & security for your Dog. A tailor- made facility to keep your Dog free from boredom, providing indoor and outdoor spaces where they are happy, content & can engage in activities. Making other furry friends along the way.

Throughout the day, receive pictures and message updates regards to your dogs day, or..… depending on what day care plan you are having. Enjoy accessing our interactive cctv system & see your dog in “real time”

Fully council approved, licenced, CRB checked staff & insured. We are based at our purposely converted residential home in Kidderminster, Worcestershire. We are also approved to facilitate overnight stays for your Pooch.

As it’s important that we have an established relationship with every dog, we encourage our Day Board/Day Care Family to book at least 1 full or half day per week. We ask this so it means that your dog will be familiar and happy with the routine, make doggy friends & bond with our staff, our facility and the other dogs. This really cements their place in our pack & ensures a relaxed and stress-free dog.

We try our best to match dogs dependent on personality and size but this doesn’t mean that big doesn’t get or cannot get on with small etc! After all, a dog is a dog, irrelevant of size & type.

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Everyday fun

Everyday is filled with a day full of activities to ensure a happy hound. Large or small, sensitive or shy, young or old, they all have individual attention, play, nap and exercise.

doggy day care kidderminster

Be together

Dogs hate boredom.  You can go about your day guilt-free, knowing your dog is stimulated and playing, with no continuous barking, no torn furniture for you to worry about.

Betty  teh Ball

Above board

Love, Affection, Fun and Safety are our number one priorities. Licensed, insured, secure & supervised play area has both indoor and outside space.

Doggy Day Boarding Timetable

To give you an idea of what your dog will get up to during their day at Bathminster’s, here’s their doggy day boarding itinerary. Each day is packed with fun and rewarding activities for your dog.

Daily Free Run


Totally enclosed & Secure where your pooch can run & jump till heart is content!

 We have daily acces to 1.9 acre field,
courtesy of Helen @ JustPawsome, Kinver.

Opening Hours & Prices

Monday – Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday & Sunday by appointment.
Weekend day boarding runs from 9am – 5pm.

Monthly Customers

No. of regular
days per week Monthly
1     £68 (approx. £17 daily)
2   £128 (approx. £16 daily)
3    £168 (approx. £14 daily)
4   £192 (approx. £12 daily)
5    £200 (approx. £10 daily)
No. of regular
days per week Monthly
1     £96 (approx. £24 daily)
2    £184 (approx. £23 daily)
3   £252 (approx. £22 daily)
4    £320 (approx. £20 daily)
5   £360 (approx. £18 daily)

NB: (30% discount on second Dog from same household)

50% deposit would be required to secure initial booking & then at end of each calendar month, the monthly fee (in total) would be paid in order to settle arrears of previous month & cover 50% deposit of the fee for the forthcoming month.

(Bacs or Card payments for block bookings accepted)

Full & Half Day

Full day of dog care (between 8am-6pm)
1 Day – £24.00
10 Day discount pack – £213.00 (1.2 day free)
20 Day discount pack – £415.00 (2.8 days free)

Half day of dog care (Morning 8am-1pm or Afternoon 1pm-6pm)

  • 1 half day – £17.00
  • 10 half days discount pack – £153 (1 half day free)
  • 20 half days discount pack – £306 (2 half days free)

(30% discount on second Dog from same household)

(Bacs or card payments for block booking accepted)


Weekday overnight boarding  

  • £28 per day
  • £36.00 (2 dogs from same household)

Weekend  overnight boarding 

  • £32 per day
  • £40.00 (2 dogs from same household)

(15% discount on bookings 5 days or more)

(20% discount on bookings 10 days or more, not exceeding 20 days)


Please call to book when booking more than 1 day or multi dogs.

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