No question is too big Or too small

Below are some questions that we are frequently asked. We hope our replies will help put your mind at rest. If you have another specific question, please call us on 01562 914 093 or 07961 437 582.

Are you licenced?

Indeed, our premises has been inspected and approved by a representative of Worcestershire City Council and are licensed under the Animal Activities Regulations 2018.

(Licence Number) 19/06503/ANIACT

Are you insured?

Yes. Bathminster’s Doggy Day Board is insured with specialist animal trade insurers. Our insurance covers public liability; day care, custody, transportation of your dog; loss of keys and overnight boarding.

Where are you and is your facility secure?

We are based in a quiet residential area of Kidderminster and our home, internally & externally has been modified to a high standard. We have been inspected by a representative of Worcestershire Council to ensure that we are fit for purpose and have complied with The Animal Welfare Regulations 2018.
Link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/animal-activities-licensing-guidance-for-local-authorities

Are your staff trained?

All staff members that take care of your dog(s) are fully CRB checked to ensure no convictions for animal cruelty. They are also fully Animal first aid trained in line with recognised associate bodies. Also, all staff are either level 2 OFQUAL animal welfare trained and or have had dogs themselves.

Do you provide food for our dog?

No. We ask that you provide your pooch with his or her own food and instructions on the amount of food. (We can provide food for your pooch if required, this will incur an extra cost).

Our own Dogs only eat what we believe to the most nutritious foods. We have taken a lot of time to choose what we believe to be an excellent quality food product, produced by “The Simpsons Company”. A UK family run business. We have found this to be the only nutritious grain-free dry food with high meat, veg & fruit content that all our dogs eat and love. (Our opinion)

Link: https://www.simpsonspremium.com/

Are all the dogs that attend Day care healthy?

Yes, we ensure & keep up to date records of the Dogs vaccinations. Ensuring health and safety of our dogs using our facility. We ensure all dogs attending are fully vaccinated prior to acceptance and ensure they are maintained during their time with us.

Is my dog supervised all day?

Most certainly. Your furry family member is our number one priority whilst in our care. They are never left alone from point of entry to exit.

Do you take aggressive dogs?

Unfortunately, due to the safety of the dogs we look after, we will not accept any dogs with dog to dog or dog to human aggression issues. However, if required we can work with you & your dog on a 1.2.1 basis or direct you to a behaviourist that can assist in helping you pooch become more social.

Do you provide discounts

For customers that either require long-term care for their pooch or may have multiple dogs that they want in day care or overnight boarding. Then we have a selection of discount packages available.

Customers can either pay monthly. Pay for block booking packages or pay on site for one off ad-hock days on arrival.

Please call us to discuss your options.

How many dogs do you take daily?

Unlike some establishments that will take as many as 15+ dogs, we like to keep the number considered. As a consequence, we take 4-6 dogs daily, so please book in advance to ensure your dog has a place. By keeping our daily intake numbers at this level, we can really focus on your dog and keep any potential animal stress to a minimum.

Do you have your own dogs?

Yes, we do have our own dog family. Well rounded, balanced, social and lovingly quirky boy and girl that love to run around with other dogs and have fuss.

How can we book?

You can use our online booking form below or ring us direct and book over the phone on 01562 914093 or 07961 437582.

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Do we have to have a taster day?

We recommend it but it is not essential. A taster day is a great opportunity for us to meet you and have a chat. Also for us to meet your dog & ensure he or she has an opportunity to dip their toe in and get a feel for us and our facility. (He or she will love it with us, I’m sure) £12 fee for taster day.

Do you offer a pick up/drop off service?

Yes, we do provide a pick-up and drop off service. We use a fully adapted, and ventilated vehicle for transportation of our fury friends. Pick up/ Drop off spaces are limited, so please request this early to avoid disappointment.

How clean is you site?

We clean our site thoroughly every evening after every session. We use specific veterinary recommended DEFRA approved products that disinfect against all known animal related bacteria’s and diseases.

How do we register

You can either register directly through our site, utilising the “Registration Tab” Or once you have booked a day care slot. Fill in a registration form on your arrival. The registration form asks key questions about your dog & important health & contact info for you in the event that you need to be contacted.

How do we pay?

We accept most types of payments methods. Direct debit, standing order, onsite payment transaction device. Pay Pal. Cash payment are accepted.

Please feel free to call us to have a chat, and ask us any questions that have not been answered in this section.