How do I choose the right Doggy care care?

“Looking for a Residential Dwelling Doggy Day Care, Post Lockdown?”

A question you may ask yourself is. “Well how do i choose”?

With so many options to choose from nowadays, when it comes to a RESIDENTIAL doggy day care facility. We would think it could be quite daunting to choose the best place.

In our opinion, we would say do the following when making that important decision.  After all, if you are anything like us? Your pooch or pooches are like children to you right?!

Ask yourself:

  • What steps has the day care facility taken to ensure that they have the correct facilities for your dog. We would suggest you investigate what variety or enrichment areas does the facility have?
  • Would your dog have the option to seek an area of Solitude where he or she can escape for some peace and quiet.
  • Has the facility gone through a rigorous council inspection, or have they just had an idea to make a few pounds and done very little to nothing to their home. And not gone through the legal route to create a day care facility?
  • How have they made their home an appropriate and safe place for your dog?
  • What is their experience with dogs? Have they even actually owned dogs and if so what type or types?
  • Have they taken any extra steps or courses to educate themselves with regards to animal behaviour, well being or health and safety in the form of Dog first aid or canine behaviour?
  • Are they insured?
  • How would they transport your dog safely? In a boot of a car, with no safety measures.?!??
  • What extra steps have they taken overall. Can you tell by their home and by the areas the dogs would have to play and rest in gone beyond your expectation

Our dogs are our babies, and we want the best for them right? Especially if we are parting with monies for the privilege.

Consider these points when considering who to send your dog to for day care or overnight boarding. Enjoy your dog and happy searching!?


“The Bathminster family”