Who we are & Why we do this!

Why does any doggy day care facility do what they do?

Why would a person want to get up before everyone else, go to bed possibly after everyone else,spend their day with furry, panting, dribbling wet nosed ear diving, head butting you in the crutch dogs?!

We cannot answer for any other doggy day care but for us, the answer is easy!


We are passionate about dogs, pure and simple.

Dean got his first dog back in 1999. His two reasons for getting a dog were because firstly, he was never allowed one in his family home and the other reason was because he was scared senseless of dogs and he wanted to beat his fear. So not only did he get a dog but he bought a Staffordshire Bull Terrier as this was the dog he said he was most terrified of.

Dean bought a Staffordshire bull terrier from a place called the “LUNT” if you know it, in Bilston. This dog was supposed to be the runt of the litter but in time it actually turned out to be a fantastic looking dog from a Breed Standard point of view and subsequently we presented him in Breed Standard shows all over the country & did quite well!

doggy day care
Junior at his show

Just by doing research , talking & volunteering with trainers, breeders and reading, as GOOGLE wasn’t around then, Dean taught the dog – who we named Junior – to do all types of fantastic things, from property searching, to general obedience and then some. Junior turned into a fantastic , loving dog and lived to a grand old age of 15.

From then on our journey has never ended and we have made it our mission to own breeds with sometimes not the best reputations and show that “It is not the dog, it is the person that owns the dog that influences how that dog behaves”


Did you know, the only animal to suffer any type of depression or anxiety is……….? Yes you have guessed it. A Dog, FACT. Why? Because a Dog is the only animal that spends the majority of its time in human company and unfortunately us humans can be quite up and down at times, hence our animals can become affected.

As dog owners, we have busy life styles, heavy workloads, etc. that’s why it is very important that we create the right environment & energy for our dog to learn, live & socialise & thrive.


We started Doggy Day Care because we wanted to go the extra mile to provide a richer & more inclusive home-based facility than a lot of day cares out there. We are passionate about Doggy health & Well-being. Hence we do things like burn lavender oils in the dogs retreat room, as lavender has calming properites. We are Passionate about Providing dogs with a great place to socialise and learn how to be dogs. We are passionate about variety & diversity. That’s why our home is more a home for dogs than it is for people. Not many Residential day cares do this. Trust us, we have done our research.

The ones that go this extra mile, kudos to them, by all means if they are in your area and you are happy with them. Please use their facility. But if you are in and around the Kidderminster area, and really want the best provider of care for your dogs whilst you are at work, home or away?  Then we are here to provide your dog with that level of care mental stimulation, oodles of care & buckets of fun await him or her.

We look forward to meeting you & your pooch in the future.

Be well.